Anything Is Possible Inc (AIP) is a non-profit performing arts community based program that strives to make a difference in our communities and beyond. We offer a variety of classes and training in Afro-Brazilian Dance, Music, Vocals, Acting, Capoeira, Kung Fu, Photography, and other art forms that help mold future artists by giving them a chance to express themselves in the world of entertainment.

Our collective experience allows us to enrich the community by bringing together the technical operations of a music studio, photographic studio, and a dance studio. Our mission is to enhance the creative talents of each individual involved in our programs and to provide assistance to help them reach their future goals. We believe anything is possible with the right guidance, dedication, and opportunity.M

Board of Directors

  • Ausar Robert
  • Monica Bragg
  • Allison Smith, Doctoral Candidate
  • Dr. Cedric C. Brown
  • Beaudreaux Dashiell

Consultants & Instructors

  • Dr. Carlton E. Brown
  • Wellington Lima
  • Kishema Pendu 
  • Malik Ali
  • Joan Mullaney
  • Natali Natash